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How to download your Google Universal Analytics data

Stanley Walton
25 / 06 / 2024
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On 1st July 2023, Google Universal Analytics (UA) stopped collecting new data, as part of the process of it being replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4). A year later, on 1st July 2024, Google will officially begin deleting all of the data on UA. If you don’t take any action to download your data, then it will be lost.

Don’t panic though, we have a solution, created by Tom Jepson.

Tom Jepson is an external SEO consultant that we have worked with for over 10 years.  He supports our clients with both external and internal marketing campaigns, and also trains our team on technical SEO compliance, and generally advises us on how to keep Google happy.

Tom’s free Google Universal Analytics data export and backup tool is for anyone looking to keep hold of their past data. Although the tool won’t export every single tiny piece of data held by UA, it does contain a variety of tables, including ones on Acquisition Data, Behaviour Data, Conversion Data, Ecommerce Data and Audience Data.

At This is Fever, we have used the tool to export our past data. We found it to be easy to navigate, and any questions we had were swiftly answered by Tom’s YouTube video, linked on his website. We would definitely recommend that anyone worrying about how they are going to keep their data accessible should check out Tom Jepson’s tool.

Check out Tom’s data export and backup tool. If you don’t happen to have the time to run through it and extract your data, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, as the team at This is Fever are happy to help.

people found this helpful

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