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Featured in the likes of Vogue, Tatler and The Independent, Calgary Avansino is a prominent member of the health and lifestyle community.

Over the past few years, British Vogue Contributing Editor Calgary Avansino has established a community of her own based on good food, fitness and wellbeing. Together with publishing her debut book, “Keep It Real” in 2016, she also ran and maintained her own website featuring blogs, recipes and videos, amongst other editorial content. We were initially approached to provide a report on the website and offer improvements to optimise the user’s journey, expand content selection and actively promote the book. Our report culminated in a full site rebuild, and we’re pretty pleased with it!

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The main issue that was perhaps holding the existing site back was a simple one – how to use space effectively and adaptively. We’re viewing websites on a much wider range of screen sizes these days, so it’s important that user experience is top priority with every site we produce. We tackled the issue from both ends, increasing the space available on desktop while optimising content across mobile and tablet.

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Overall, the site needed to be widened by about 30%. This extra screen real-estate gave us more to work with and we were able to turn the homepage into a centralised hub, allowing the user to easily navigate to the section of the site they desired. In taking this approach we were able to build an adaptable tiled layout, perfect for mobile and tablet viewing.

An important element of the site was that each sub-section carried its own style while maintaining consistency with the brand. We achieved this by introducing a system of secondary colours and patterns and had each section adhere to these mini brand elements throughout. We wanted the book page to reflect the hard work that went into designing the original publication, so we adopted the book’s colours, patterns and fonts to give the page an identity of its own.

With a plethora of recipes and videos, navigation was super important, especially when it came to recipes for specific dietary requirements. We constructed a tagging system to group recipes by category and sub-type, such as content based on the current category and recipe type, and utilised this system to cross-link between similar recipes and videos.

This got users moving around the site effectively, adding value to the user experience. We established a ‘recipe card’ style layout with clear preparation and cooking guides, along with ingredients in both traditional and metric measurements, to make them accessible and usable by all.

It’s great to see the site live and populated with great content and tasty recipes!

“I’m really pleased with how the new site looks – it’s easy to navigate, an eye-catching design & there’s lots of new dynamic content & pages. I can’t wait to start sharing it with my audience!”

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