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Enigen are an award-winning customer experience consultancy company based in London and Colchester, with group offices in Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples and Sao Paulo. For the past 10 years they have been providing services to various industries including insurance, manufacturing and retail, to name a few.

Enigen came to us wanting to overhaul their website and promote their new #ActAsOne campaign.








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Enigen homepage


Built in WordPress, the main purpose of the website was to inform, educate and generate enquiries through trackable contact methods. Specialist areas included events and careers, along with data capture via newsletters and sign-ups.

In a field where technical language can be baffling to the reader, it was important to break down and simplify large chunks of information and data. Enigen’s main service page was laid out with clear presentation and representative iconography, with referral call-to-actions throughout.

Enigen regularly organises corporate events and an important requirement of the website was the events calendar. We implemented a filterable system enabling the posting of detailed event listings, along with the functionality for users to register interest in attending.

It was important for the client to be able to update and maintain elements of the site independently, particularly the constantly evolving events and careers sections. Client usability was taken into account at each stage to ensure as much control over content as possible without compromising the site’s structure and security.


Having now worked on the website, we were already familiar with the Enigen brand and message. We had to think about how we extend their existing presence to incorporate animation and audience interaction.

For both the presentation and video we established both design and animation styles, which were used throughout scenes and slides, and through meticulous planning and preparation, began to draw up the storyboards and template plans. Each slide and scene was carefully designed before being passed onto production.

We expanded the initial illustration suite to incorporate new elements correlating with the scripts of each video. We also liaised with professional voice recording artists and auditioned varying styles to ensure we captured the voice of Enigen accurately.

This graphic library was then exported for flexible use within the Powerpoint presentations, giving the client maximum flexibility to adapt to their individual project requirements.

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