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From rough waters to worthwhile app...

LOC Group - a marine and engineering consultancy and survey organisation - got in touch with us regarding a secure website rebuild alongside a complimentary app.

Getting started wasn’t straightforward; their existing website had been compromised and was consequently blocked by Google. We repaired the site and enrolled LOC into one of our support and maintenance packages, this provided security and peace of mind while we began work on the new site and app build.

While creating the wireframes and designs for the website- we started thinking about their proposed app. Though the website would be launching first, it was important for us to plan the app and website in sync to ensure a seamless and consistent user experience.

LOC had a clear idea for the app’s concept and we offered our technical insight to show how their project could be developed further. They now have an app that truly stands out from their competitors.


Whether it’s an oil spill, fire damage or mother nature, LOC is at the forefront of worldwide marine casualty and emergency response. In order to be even more effective, LOC wanted an app that allowed their clients to have critical contact information available at their fingertips – no matter their location.

They wanted the app to act as a directory with the ability to filter results and find people with specific skill-sets. Most importantly, the app had to work offline. Using GPS, the Casualty Response feature connects users to an available marine casualty expert, even when mobile data or WiFi is limited. Quite literally, it’s a life-saver.

Our first step was to create an API function that would allow changes from the website to update simultaneously on the app. This meant way less hassle for their data management team when updating information. In LOC’s case, the API had to be custom-built for their requirements.

While the new and improved LOC website was built in WordPress, the app was developed using a JavaScript framework.

“This was our first App and Fever managed the whole process, listening to our requirements and delivering a fantastic App – on time and within budget!”

Emma Winsey, Group Marketing Manager, LOC Group

The Design

We needed both the website and app to be a seamless experience for LOC clients. We developed both concepts alongside each other taking into consideration how each could be optimised depending on a user’s platform.

We followed Google’s Material Design for Android and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for iOS and developed the app using Ionic Framework. This ensured a consistent, natural experience for users accessing the app on multiple devices and operating systems.

Getting the App Live

Once the app was built, we thoroughly tested it using the Ionic View app on multiple devices. Using this 3rd party app enables us to fully test prior to going live. Once signed off, we managed the submission process for both the App Store and Google Play.

Building an app can often seem like a complicated process. However, it needn’t be this way. At Fever we work hard to make the complicated simple.

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