Renao Club is a space for business leaders looking to share their knowledge and advance their management and leadership skills. Through a series of one-to-one coaching sessions and monthly group meetings, Renao Club is the trusted place for continuous learning, helping to guide and support members in achieving great things.


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Creating ‘Elite but not aloof’

Having worked with Phil Toogood previously on his personal brand, we were pleased to work with him once again on this exciting new venture.

Recognising the core audience, the challenge was essential to design a brand mark which could attract experienced, elite business professionals in a way that was relatable but also new. It was important to tap into the essence of Renao Club, without being clichéd or too restricted by its cultural influence.

Strike the gong

The concept of the Gong was an inspiring aesthetic for Renao Club. The struck-bowl or gong is used in some Buddhist religious practices to accompany periods of meditation and chanting. The idea of an (audio) beacon which brings people together of a certain culture, literally rang bells with us for what Renao Club wanted to achieve, especially considering the Far Eastern influence for the programme itself.

Using the gong gave Renao Club the aesthetic touch it needed for the defining concept for the logo. We formed a brand mark using the beautiful Butler typeface, with visual nods to the gong on the shoulder of the ‘r’ and the semi-circular ‘c’. A golden texture added the feeling of wealth, grandeur, prosperity and wisdom.

The Renao club journey begins

Special attention was paid to print media to ensure the metallic aesthetic was continued throughout the business cards and brochure. We also replicated this look in digital applications by including subtle texture on the brand mark. The branding was accompanied by marble and geometric patterns to suggest themes of networking and luxury.

Renao Club is in its infancy and currently gaining momentum. We continue to work with Phil Toogood on both Renao Club and Inside Out.

“You listened, you understood, you delivered. A truly magnificent team…” Phil Toogood, Founder & Director Renao Club

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