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Helping a new brand find its voice

Skills For Health (SFH) appointed Fever in 2014 with the re-design and build of their new website and we jumped at the chance.

Skills For Health is a not-for-profit organisation committed to the development of an improved and sustainable healthcare workforce across the UK. Established in 2002 as the Sector Skills Council for Health for the UK health sector, Skills For Health helps to inform policy and standards, focussing on health, education and improving the wider wellbeing of public health.

The website re-design focussed on bringing it up-to-date, allowing for it to be fully accessible across all devices with an integrated Content Management System (CMS) that could be easily managed. To convey SFH’s wide product and service offering, the website had to work on various levels as a place for promoting products and services, news and information, and as a resource platform.

Already having an established brand in place, SFH wanted to gently steer away from their look and feel in favour of something more up-to-date and engaging. Therefore, aside from the logo, we had complete creative freedom on the website, whilst nodding to the old brand style. The website ultimately paved the way for the branding of all SFH’s branded materials thereafter.

Skills for Health logo

Defining the logo

We strongly felt the Skills For Health logo needed to be tweaked, mainly due to legibility issues at smaller scales, especially for digital use. As the logo had already been established, the change had to be subtle. With the attention on letter spacing, Gill Sans was replaced with Helvetica Neue as the new typeface for the logo. With the same typeface, we also wanted to breathe new life into the strapline lock-up, reducing its original width but increasing its size, making it more engaging.

C:0 M:45 Y:94 K:0
C:73 M:66 Y:0 K:2
HTML #615E9B
C:88 M:31 Y:0 K:0
HTML #0084D5
C:0 M:82 Y:53 K:0
HTML #F4364C
C:52 M:29 Y:26 K:3
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C:0 M:62 Y:95 K:0
HTML #E87722
C:51 M:0 Y:71 K:0

It was clear that Skills For Health wanted to remove themselves from their previous colour palette, aiming for a more vibrant brand style. Keeping SFH’s primary brand colour of purple, we introduced a new, broader colour palette to represent their wide service offering as the Sector Skills Council for Health.

As the appointed design agency for Skills For Health, what followed was a plethora of work. Extensive brand guides were created setting the tone for all future SFH-branded materials.

Since then we have supported them with brochures, leaflets, presentations, exhibitors and displays, internal document templates, e-mail marketing and even detailed legal frameworks. More recently, we have been assisting them with the branding and UX design for a new and exciting staff rostering application. 

We have really enjoyed working with Dawn and the team and look forward to what’s around the corner.

skills for health website desktop
skills for health isometric
skills for health website desktop
skills for health wall decal
child giving adult hight five
e-learning brochure

“You took the time to really understand our organisation and its end users. It was refreshing to work with such a creative and technically-able team.”

Dawn Bratcher, Senior Marketing Manager
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