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TDI-Tuning are a leading brand of tuning boxes, serving the automotive, marine, agriculture and haulage industries.

Launched in 2005, TDI-Tuning quickly became one of the UK’s top premium tuning box providers and fitters. Initially just looking for a packaging solution, we went on to create product CGIs, promotional marketing material and infographic design, along with polishing their existing logo and brand style.

TDI logo

TDI-Tuning had already established a logo and were keen to continue with that look. We felt it was a common style for the industry, with the red and black combination and the silhouette of a sports car, but it worked. Therefore we supported the brand identity with additional colours, representing the range of vehicle types, and we introduced some consistency with font use, opting for Roboto as the main typeface.


TDI-Tuning were keen to break into international markets – in particular, Japan, where tuning vehicles is a hobby. At Fever, we’re used to working under pressure; dealing with Japanese translations with just under a week to turn around a suite of promotional assets for both English and Japanese automotive exhibitions was quite a challenge. We created some stationery and exhibition assets for use at a show in England and, in the same week, had to turn around the designs in Japanese. This didn’t go without complications – most noticeably, having Japanese words increase the overall word count by about 20%, meaning the original designs had to be tweaked in places to allow for this.

Initially, Google translate was used for some of it but, at the time, it proved to be quite inaccurate. Therefore TDI-Tuning brought in some support to help with the translations. We worked closely with their translator to get the language and the tone right.

We supported them with the design of some pull-up banners, generic flyers, business cards and a folder with inserts. Each insert represented a vehicle type, highlighting the attributes of the TDI-Tuning system. We produced some icons to show the three main benefits for power, torque and fuel economy, based on a speed dial interface.



C:4 M:80 Y:100 K:1
HTML #e9580c
C:90 M:49 Y:25 K:4
HTML #007096
C:74 M:91 Y:5 K:1
HTML #643d90
C:11 M:98 Y:91 K:2
HTML #d22630
C:75 M:9 Y:19 K:0
HTML #00aec7
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:50
HTML #3b3b3b
C:85 M:13 Y:100 K:2
HTML #009a44

“Everything looks really good. Well done, we are now ready for the event, great turnaround!”

Richard Allin
TDI box
TDI icons
TDI illustration box

Utilising our extended network, we created a set of CGI product images from various angles for use throughout print material and on the website. To complement these, we also produced some flat product illustrations and infographics.

Much of the website’s content required illustrative iconography. We created a suite of icons and illustrations depicting the product and its features and benefits. The client insisted these were 100% bespoke so as to strengthen the brand’s identity. We also created a custom set of generic icons for use throughout the site to guide the user easily through the site and checkout process.


Along with individual icons, we created infographics showing how the mapping process worked, along with diagrams of the installation process and how the various product models would be fitted to the customer’s car. The client needed to cater for all types of customers with varying amounts of knowledge about their cars, so it was imperative information was conveyed simply and effectively.

TDI-Tuning continue to grow as a company and we’re pleased to have been able to part of that journey.


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