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“Crack on for Tom”

It’s always an honour to work with a local charity, and being part of that journey to help others in need.

The Tom Bowdidge Foundation is a charitable foundation founded in 2014 in memory of Tom Bowdidge. Based in Colchester, its aim is to fund projects that support teenage cancer sufferers and their families. Tom sadly lost his battle with cancer at just 19 years of age. The Foundation was launched in his name by Tom’s parents, Richard and Nikki, on what would have been Tom’s 20th birthday.

We were originally approached in 2014 to design the logo for the foundation through a friend of Fever’s and we didn’t hesitate to get involved. Our brief was to create a logo that represented Tom’s personality and zest for life, and engaged with other young people and families in the area.


The logo had to be relaxed and friendly, and it had to include a star as a tribute to Tom himself, and a feather as a symbol of spirit. We decided to go for a handwritten scripted look to evoke a strong sense of personality and warmth.

Blue was chosen as Tom’s favourite colour, not to mention its associations with sensitivity, loyalty, trust, wisdom, confidence, stability and faith.

C:100 M:69 Y:0 K:4
HTML #003da5

Pacifico, at the time of creating the logo, was a relatively new font by Vernon Adams, available through Google Fonts. Inspired by the 1950s American surf culture, Pacifico is an original, fun handwritten brush script font. It has increased in popularity over the years, and our designers see it being used everywhere! We consider it to be a much more desirable version of Brush Script. There, we said it.

The logo has recently undergone a refinement. Having the charity name firmly established locally, the founders and trustees felt it was important to re-emphasise The Tom Bowdidge Foundation as a ‘Youth Cancer Foundation’, appealing to a wider audience and to better engage with future partners and fundraisers. Therefore we recently updated the logo, changing the wording form ‘Foundation’ to ‘Youth Cancer Foundation’, but without compromising or drastically changing the look.

We also updated a badge design (above). Originally the badge was used as an additional brand piece to carry the motto “Crack on for Tom”. Proudly worn by fundraisers for various events, the badge was also updated to reflect the new name change, using the same fonts used in the logo.

To find out more, visit The Tom Bowdidge Foundation website.

“Wonderful. Nikki and I are so pleased with the result.”

Richard Bowdidge, co-founder
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