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An established British brand for over 200 years, Wisdom have been at the forefront of oral health and product innovation in both homes and dental surgeries, all around the globe.

With a comprehensive product line – including brushes, toothpaste and other dental accessories – Wisdom came to us in need of some professional product shots that showcased their unique products in the best light.

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As is the case with retail, new products are always rolling off the production line, so tight turnarounds – from product acquisition through to shoot and art-working – are required.

Sometimes, we may need to get shots that gravity would otherwise disagree with. In these cases, special rigging is used to pose products to achieve creative shots.

Wisdom tooth devices
Wisdom toothbrushes
Closeup of Wisdom package

There are always special considerations when it comes to product photography, especially when it comes to lighting and working with multiple finishes on the product packaging. Wisdom use many different finishes on their display units, including holographic elements on children’s products. This can present a problem when taking photos and often ends up with the holographic section looking dirty or dull in the finished picture.

Luckily our design team know a thing or two about Photoshop, and with a few adjustments to the original artwork files, we were able to simulate a life-like holographic effect.

The soft sheen on some packaging can also present a problem, as does the highly reflective plastic of the product casements, so a degree of flexibility is needed to get the balance just right. There are also numerous issues with shooting reflective material, such as having to erase reflections of the photographer themselves out of the image!

In many cases trying to attain high levels of product detail will also result in unwanted additional detail in otherwise flat surfaces, such as print dots on header cards. Careful consideration and care goes into each product shot to ensure the optimal image is attained without loosing realism.

We continue to hone our studio skills and always look forward to seeing what new Wisdom products turn up in the studio next!

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